Kitchen GP
Saving Your Kitchen Through Servicing
What's Our Mission?
The team at Kitchen GP is committed to saving you thousands of dollars in kitchen, laundry and bathroom cabinet repairs.
How Can We Help You SAVE?
When we work with YOU, you won’t waste another second of your time, energy or money on:
  •  Replacing salt corroded hinges and locks
  •  Door and drawer adjusting or replacing
  •  Benchtop repairs
  •  Sealing sinks and splash backs, or..
  •  Checking vanity, laundry and bathroom taps, fittings and hoses
Geoff Prior (GP), a qualified cabinet maker, will inspect and help you prevent costly maintenance spending.

Whether you're a homeowner or investor, your money belongs in your pocket, and we can help you keep it there.
For questions, please email
Don’t suffer in silence! If you and your maintenance manager are drowning in things to do, or simply need an expert, call the Kitchen GP now!
Are you a qualified cabinet maker, interested in making more money in less time?
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